Tenant's Guide

Tenants should register their accommodation needs directly at our office, or by e-mail . There is no charge for tenant registration.

Please tell us where you require accommodation. Tell us how many adults and/or children are included in the proposed tenancy, and from when you need your lease to commence. Please choose suitable properties from the selection you see on our site, but remember, rental properties are snapped up very quickly and we cannot guarantee that all properties on our site will be still available.

We will be glad to show suitable properties to you at convenient times.

You will need to supply us with the following items before any rental agreement can commence.

  • PPS number and copy of photo ID for all adults.(eg passport)
  • Employers reference for all adults. *
  • Reference from current landlord or letting agency.*
  • Security Deposit (Normally one month’s rent.)
  • First Month’s rent in advance. (Allow 2 days for cheques to clear)
  • Letting agreement signed by all named adults.
  • Standing Order Form for on-going rent payments.

*(We need references at least 2 days before the commencement of the rental contract to allow us time to verify the references.)

We will transfer Electricity and Gas accounts into the name of a nominated adult member of the household at the meter reading indicated at the commencement of the letting. Please advise us who the nominated adult is to be. Please note that the electricity or gas providers may require a deposit if you are not already existing customers. We have no control over these companies’ procedures.

We will be delighted to assist you with any further queries you might have regarding our letting service.

For further information on your rights and obligations, please refer to the website of the Private Residential Tenancies Board. www.prtb.ie


Ennis Gough Property is committed to the return of tenants’ deposits at the end of their tenancies, subject to the property being returned to us ready for re-letting. Any additional cleaning, repairs or maintenance in excess of routine wear-and-tear will be deducted from tenants’ deposits, and will delay the return of deposits. Properties will be subject to a thorough inspection by Ennis Gough personnel or the landlord before the return of any deposit money can happen. Whilst the following list is not exhaustive, we suggest the following items that are likely to be included in the check-out inspection.


  • All rooms should be thoroughly cleaned and tidied.
  • All tenants’ possessions to be removed from the property. (bedware, digi-boxes etc).
  • All floors to be swept / vacuumed, especially under and behind large pieces of furniture (beds, sofas, dressers etc). All hard floors (tiles, timber, vinyl) to be swept and mopped clean.
  • All furniture to be dusted, polished and returned to its original location at the start of the tenancy. Drawers & wardrobes to be empty and cleaned out.
  • All WCs and bathrooms to be left spotlessly clean. Tiles & mirrors to be washed and polished.
  • Kitchen cupboards & drawers to completely emptied of food and cleaned out.
  • Fridge / freezers to be de-frosted and thoroughly cleaned. Unplug and leave doors open to air.
  • Inside of the cooker, grill & microwave to be cleaned. (Professionally).
  • All tableware, cutlery and pots to be washed, dried and put away (if supplied).
  • Please replace any dead lightbulbs in lamps / lights.
  • Clean out all ashes & cinders from any open fireplace(s).
  • Windows to be cleaned inside & outside.
  • Tenants must arrange the re-direction of their mail. This agency will not forward mail.


  • Bins to be empty and ready for use by next tenants.
  • Lawn to be cut and garden(s) left tidy.
  • All tenants’ possessions to be cleared from sheds, garages, outhouses.
  • Any damage or holes caused by pets to be repaired.
  • Tenants’ deposits will be paid by cheque after we have determined that the property has been left suitably clean & tidy as suggested by these guidelines.
  • If you have a STANDING ORDER set up to pay your rent, please contact your bank to cancel it after your final month’s rent has been paid.
  • Contact your electricity / gas / broadband / TV or water supplier to cancel or transfer your account.