Trying to let your property ?. We provide landlords with 2 letting services,

Let Only, and Managed Lettings.

Let Only involves marketing the property, sourcing tenants, conducting viewings, vetting tenants, issuance of contracts & inventories, securing deposit, and arranging on-going rental payment directly from the tenant to the landlord. The landlord will then take on full responsibility for the management of the property and the tenancy. The letting agent will transfer the deposit to the landlord, and (s)he will be responsible for its return to the tenants at the end of the contract. Let Only services :

Our fee for the Let Only service will be one month’s rent plus VAT.

The VAT rate is currently 23%

Managed Lettings involves the letting agent placing tenants into the property as before and the on-going management of the tenancy, collection of rent, and transferring the rent to the landlord’s account. The services provided for full tenancy management are as follows;

Our initial letting fee for this service is 50% of the monthly rent (payable at the commencement of the tenancy), and 10% per month management fee thereafter.

(fees are subject to VAT @ 23%)

Please be aware that landlords are liable for any taxes/charges that apply to their property or the rental income derived from those properties. As an example; income tax on rental income, Local Property Tax (LPT), Domestic Wastewater Treatment Charge (Septic Tank tax), Residential Tenancy Board Registration (RTB).

Please be aware that penalties may apply for late or non payment of these taxes/charges.

Please familiarize yourself with these various taxes / charges through reference to these websites.

Also note that since January 1st 2009 a Building Energy Rating Certificate (BER) must be available for any property being rented or sold, further information can be found on www.sei.ie/ber

There is a €100 (plus VAT) fee for issuance of renewal contracts on extended tenancies.


Properties can be let, furnished or unfurnished. You will earn higher rent for a furnished property. It is still normal for unfurnished properties to be equipped with the basic kitchen appliances. e.g. Cooker, Fridge/freezer and Washing Machine.

All homes being marketed for let should have a BER (Building Energy Rating) certificate.

Here are some basic hints to help you prepare your rental property for letting.

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